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Multi-User Live Chat

Full-featured live chat based on WhatsApp accessible by multiple users with smart features and automations that will skyrocket your team's productivity.

Team management

Have full control over your team's interaction with customers. Restrict access to specific features of the platform based on the different user roles and monitor their activity at all times.


Keep track of your team's performance on WhatsApp and identify opportunities for improvement through comprehensive and insightful analytics.

Built-in CRM

Add relevant information to your contacts such as metadata, labels, notes, personal info and much more. Providing precise and personalized support on WhatsApp has never been so easy.

Full-featured API + Webhooks

Easily integrate the API and automate all communication levels on WhatsApp: send automatic or scheduled messages, integrate your software or CRM, connect your own chatbots, send notifications and much more.

Automations + AI

Send automatic messages, assign chats automatically, integrate IA, CRMs and other softwares easily. Build automations to save time and convey professionalism.

The power of AI and ChatGPT  

  • Connect your existing WhatsApp number in minutes
  • Automatically synchronize chats, messages and contacts
  • Invite your Team and start working cooperatively
  • Manage multiple numbers in one single place
  • Boost productivity with our team-optimized chat features
  • Organize, categorize, assign and resolve chats easily
  • Manage customers information like in a CRM
  • Configure chat permissions to improve privacy and focus
  • Automate anything using the API + Webhooks
  • Connect 5000+ third-party apps with Zapier no-code

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Keep using your existing WhatsApp number without losing any chats, messages or contacts.

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Fill in the registration form and pick one of the available plans that best suit your requirements.

Connect your number

Scan the QR code and automatically synchronize all your chats, messages and contacts. Works with both WhatsApp Personal and Business, and you don't need to change your number or lose any data.

Invite your team

Send your team an email invitation through the console and assign them the role you prefer.

Smarten up your communication on WhatsApp

Revolutionize the way you interact on WhatsApp with your customers with Wassenger's amazing tools for productive teams.

​Features that you will love

Say goodbye to mediocre WhatsApp experiences & embrace a new era of productivity with 1Wap™.

​Team Chat

Have your entire team cooperating on one or multiple WhatsApp numbers seamlessly.
  • Invite as many agents as you need: scale up your team as your business evolves
  • Assign roles to your agents: design your team's hierarchy within 1Wap™.
  • Define chat permissions for each role: control who can access chats and what actions they're permitted to take based on roles.
  • Assign chats to specific agents: automatically or manually assign chats or groups to specific team members.
  • Check what your agents are doing at any time: our cooperative chat allows you to see if an agent in reading or writing in a chat to avoid overlapping.


Measure your team's productivity and gain insights on your customers' engagement on WhatsApp.
  • Check your team's performance:obtain specific data on your agent's activity on WhatsApp.
  • Overall WhatsApp usage metrics:get hard data on your customers' engagement with your business on WhatsApp.
  • Compare different periods:identify patterns and trends by comparing data from different periods.
  • Compare your agents:compare and analyse your agents' performance at a glance.
  • Export analytics reports:easily exports data in PDF, CSV, JSON by downloading it or sending it to your email.

​A complete CRM solution

Automatically synchronize contacts from WhatsApp for seamless integration. Easily create, edit, extend information and import contacts in a fully-integrated CRM system for all your customers on WhatsApp.
  • Create, extend or edit contact details: add relevant information to your contacts' file to adress them properly.
  • Add metadata and labels: include metadata and labels to your contacts to better organize and target them for specific communication.
  • Add internal notes: write internal notes to highlight important aspects of your contact.
  • Check historical interactions with your contacts: never lose track of a customer conversation again and provide truly professional support on WhatsApp.

​Team productivity tools

Supercharge your team's effectivess with 1Wap™'s tools that help them cut down time-consuming tasks.
  • Quick replies:write personal and shared canned answers to cover most common scenarios.
  • Automatic replies: automate repetitive messages such as greetings, outside of business hours messages, busy times messages and follow-ups.
  • Message scheduling: easily set messages to be delivered at a later time.
  • Internal notes: leave insighful notes on chats or customers' files to provide context to your teammates.
  • Use Artificial Intellingence: let the AI answer generic questions based on the context provided in the chat.
  • Solve chats: keep your inbox organized and efficient by solving finalized conversations.

​Team permissions

Establish role-based permissions to ensure secure and organized conversations on WhatsApp. 

Only available on the Enterprise plan

  • Restrict reading and replying to chats:choose what categories of chats your agents can read, reply and start from scratch.
  • Limit actions that can be taken on chats:choose what categories of chats agents can assign, reassing, resolve, delete, block and export.
  • Define types of messages that can be sent:choose if agents can send media, audio, location and contact cards.
  • Control contacts access and editing:determine if agents can view, edit and create contacts.
  • Hide contacts' numbers to agents:decide what agents can see your contacts' phone numbers.

​AI powered by ChatGPT in your WhatsApp

Increase productivity and cut repetitive tasks with the most powerful AI in one click

​<Hello World> Developers
A versatile API for all kind of automations

Easily integrate our API to automate all communication levels on WhatsApp: send automatic or scheduled messages, integrate your software or CRM, connect chatbots, manage chats, import contacts and much more.

  • Send and receive messages via API + Webhooks easily
  • Manage numbers, messages, chats, contacts, groups and more via API
  • Fully-featured and extensively documented API with 30+ actions
  • Use the API tester with 80+ use case examples
  • Get ready-to-use code examples in 15+ programming languages
  • Explore dozens of tutorials with code examples
  • Connect anything with 5000+ app integrations using Microsoft Power Automate, Zapier or Make
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Gateway Plans

Limited to send-only messages
Send messages
Receive messages
Multi-Agent chat
Team members
API access (limited)
AI assistant & Chat automations
Integrated CRM
Analytics & Reports
Automatic replies
Groups & WhatsApp Channels
Webhooks & Integrations

Platform Plans

The complete solution with all features
Send messages
Receive messages
Multi-Agent chat
Team members
Full API access
AI assistant & Chat automations
Integrated CRM
Analytics & Reports
Automatic replies
Groups & WhatsApp Channels
Webhooks & Integrations

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